About the Author

Missy Kistner was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.  Her heart was always to be a mom and she was blessed with two beautiful children, Christina and Samuel.  Raised in a loving Christian home, both her children have a heart for God with an unfailing faith.  

Missy’s oldest, Christina, was born with an impossible diagnosis and by all doctor’s accounts shouldn’t have survived her first year much less the first night.  Missy’s dedication and faith, along with her family, raised a young lady to overcome what no one thought was possible.  Months turned into years and Christina became a walking testimony to God’s faithfulness.  Christina’s heart for Jesus was immeasurable and she walked with him fully dedicated for all 28 years of her life.  Missy’s love for her children and trust in Jesus is evident in her life and she tells this story because of His loving grace.